August 9, 2016

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Pakistani society for long has been passing through a state of social unrest and chaotic situations primarily resulted from geo-strategic power games, natural and man-made complex emergencies, natural disasters, poverty and illiteracy at National levels.

Poverty, Disasters and crises has great consequences on the outlook and behavior of any society. The devastation and prolonged implications of these misfortunes bring change in our realities as well as the objects, words and images upon which we construct our worlds and identities. This direct impact on human minds, attitudes and behavior may have direct costs leading to social unrest resulting into man induced prolonged or cyclical and repetitive conflicts and disasters.

Therefore, PUKAR FOUNDATION would seek to implement in partnerships, through synergistic networking and pooling of local and international human and capital resources and by itself towards investing in its public and communities communication, advocacy, behavior change and infrastructure projects strategically defined interventions and programs to build present capacities and capabilities of its staff and communities.