August 6, 2016

President Letter

  Rashid Ali Mughal is the  President of Pukar Foundation Pakistan.

Rashid brings more than twenty-five years of national and international non-profit, government and corporate leadership experience focusing on humanitarian and social work.

As we continue doing our part in the implementation process, however, we will not forget about   the importance of our roots in rehabilitation. Good quality habilitation and rehabilitation is one   very important issue that should not be forgotten if we are to achieve the effective inclusion of persons with disabilities in the lives of their communities. This will also have an impact on poverty reduction initiatives, especially in Pakistan.

Pukar Foundation will play an important part in the debates around economic and social rights including the Millennium Development Goals. In this process, we will give a special focus on girls and women with disabilities who face multiple discrimination on account of their gender, poverty and disability.  Increasing awareness and fighting violence against women with disabilities will be among Pukar Foundation’s future priorities. Humanitarian emergencies, whether natural or manmade will similarly be an important focus point for the organization in the coming years.

Armed conflicts are known to have resulted in “producing” many more persons with disabilities and must be prevented. The importance of employment and access to rehabilitation is crucial if persons with disabilities will have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and become contributing members to their families, their communities and countries.

Pukar Foundation will also continue to have very strong focus on accessibility issues, access being a precondition in achieving an inclusive society for all. Pukar Foundation has always recognized, valued and appreciated the importance of its partners. During the last several years we have created partnerships with many important organizations and institutions. Pukar Foundation will continue to look for new partners and allies to collaborate with, including UN, organizations within employers groups, employee organizations; rehabilitation organizations and other international agencies, medical professionals, rehabilitation professionals, architects, policy makers, researchers, and others. Cooperation with other stakeholders makes our work more meaningful and we share visions and goals with many other organizations and institutions. The uniqueness in the composition of Pukar Foundation enables us to build international networks.

Rashid Ali Mughal


Pukar Foundation