August 6, 2016


PUKAR FOUNDATION’s VISION is “a just and peaceful society where justice, dignity and revere prevail and where all live in a peaceful, tolerant and self-sustaining society with full potential and capacities to withstand against the shocks and without any discrimination of class, cast, ethnicity and religion to participate and contribute in the nation building on sustainable basis”.
A Pakistan where every child has an education and every widow has skills and sources to earn for herself and children. Where people can exercise their rights and enjoy fair access to resources, while respecting others environment.

We are in search of such a world wherein hope, tolerance and social and economic justices occupy their due place and wherein poverty exists no more and wherein people are enabled to live with safety and honor, and finally wherein every disaster affected person succeed in having his/her own proper house with all of the basic requirement of life which they had just before disaster.



PUKAR FOUNDATION has been founded to address issues of education, women rights through innovation, appropriate technology promotion and capacity building. PUKAR FOUNDATION’s philosophy is not to duplicate the mandate of existing NGOs, rather carve a niche of its own to distinctly contribute to sustainable development in general and education, child labor and women rights sectors in particular. Thus PUKAR FOUNDATION calls itself a knowledge based NGO, predominately interested in promotion of best management practices and appropriate technology in the sector.

PUKAR FOUNDATION seeks to achieve its development vision through promoting and practicing an integrated approach to sustainable development encompassing principles of:

  • Participatory and human rights based approach to development.
  • Behavioral change communication to identify and target vulnerable practices for a sustainable development.
  • Introduction and promotion of appropriate technologies to crystallize change in largely dominant societies.
  • Productively engage children and women as change agents through active learning methods/life skills based education/child to child communication for realization of behavioral changes for sustained development.