August 6, 2016

Mission Statement

PUKAR FOUNDATION will engage to promote human development by responding to emergency response, preparedness and sustainable development initiatives, by directly working with communities, based on our commitment to mutual learning and the need to address the root causes of insecurity, injustices and poverty.

Mission PRIORITY is to sustain and develop the capabilities of widows, extremely poor, vulnerable and marginalized people to achieve sustainable improvement in their lives.

PUKAR FOUNDATION in order to obtain its mission objectives will advocate, request, compete for and motivate donors, charitable institutions, governments and individuals both local and international to obtain monetary, in kind as well as intellectual resources or opportunities.

PUKAR FOUNDATION will also develop a systematic and strategic program to apply, bid or compete for obtaining resources that would enable it to gain successful mission objectives. PUKAR FOUNDATION at times may gather, raise funds, allocate or invest in cash or kind as support from its volunteers, public charity or staff for relief and humanitarian activities in emergencies as it deems fit. PROMOTE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies.

Devotion: Devotion towards humanity is the foundation of our organization. We have faith in the people we assist and our united capability to construct a more fair and peaceful world.

Action: The aspiration to serve is not enough. We must act collaboratively to fetch real developments in peoples’ quality of life and sincere commitment in building peace and justice.

Outcomes: Demonstrated through measurable outcomes, our activities must be successful in lightening human enduring, evacuating underlying drivers and engaging individuals to accomplish their maximum capacity.