August 6, 2016




Responding to Emergencies

The deadly earthquake that struck northern Pakistan on October 08, 2005 along with flood in Sindh, Baluchistan, Chitral and Punjab caused huge number of causalities.

Villages are arranged in clusters with one cluster including eight to ten villages.  Existing structures include mosques, schools; small shops, water pumps and springs, and mills for processing grains were completely destroyed and severely damaged, with hundreds, perhaps thousands of casualties among the families buried under the rubble.

Similar tragic scenes characterize many houses in earthquake affected zone. A huge number of people have also been wounded and traumatized. Thousands became orphans, hundreds of women became widows and many parents lost their children. As part of the stabilization process, it is important to pay particular and urgent attention to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the living systems.

How does the program work?

Since this devastating earthquake in 2005, Pukar Foundation has always responded swiftly and effectively to the need of emergency relief and welfare action.

Making a difference in small ways for organization but significant ways of genuinely need recipient can mean the difference between surviving or sinking for individuals and families. When poor people face unforeseen loss of homes irrigated lands and livestock medical expenses, loss of jobs or loss of family members, this kind of limited and specific help in crucial.

Pukar Foundation is working in coordination of many organizations and Pakistan army for the rehabilitation of the affected people.

Disaster survivors can’t wait for fundraising campaigns. Thanks to your donations, PF is able to respond immediately to emergencies—many never reported by the media. Your donations fund PF responses across Pakistan as soon as they’re needed. Your support helps us tap emergency reserve funds. And PF will support our most vulnerable brothers and sisters overseas with food, shelter, clean water and medical care long after the emergency fades from the spotlight.

How will the Program Grow in Future?

Pukar Foundation intend to continue the program and is very keen to get support from any International or local donors or organizations.