August 7, 2016


Give the gift of hope

Put your faith to work. Gifts from the Pukar Foundation Gift Catalog are blessings to our poorest brothers and sisters overseas. They save lives and tell recipients just how much you care. The gifts in this catalog represent PF projects that transform people and communities for the long term. We're inspired by the people we serve, the work that we do and donors, like you, who make our work possible. WE THINK YOU’LL BE INSPIRED, TOO.

FOR MOM $190

Can't decide what to get in honor of your mom? Why not combine two gifts that represent a sewing machine and an emergency household kit? Both help mothers care for their families—by providing a steady income for their families and being able to respond during a natural disaster.

FOR KIDS $ 165

What’s better for children than health exams that keep them well are toys and physical games. With games and toys children can lead healthy, happy lives. Children organize themselves in groups and work and play together as teams. A great way to honor your children!

Your donation to Pukar Foundation will feed hungry families, provide health care and clean water in remote villages, help farmers to grow better crops, protect orphans and vulnerable children, and allow for an immediate response to emergencies. For more than 10 years, PF has been providing expertise and compassion to the very poorest of our brothers and sisters in more than 100 countries. But we can't do this lifesaving work without your help. Please make a generous gift today.


Our most loyal donors often ask us to use their contributions wherever they are needed most. This gift gives PF the most flexibility to use your generosity where there is greatest need. Your Gift of Hope basket allows PF to respond quickly, effectively and efficiently to crises within Pakistan—as we have done for more than 9 years.


Pukar Foundation provides lifesaving and innovative treatment to poor people around Pakistan. We support health care and training through hospitals, local clinics and by organizing medical camps.


In poor communities, people with disabilities are often invisible and isolated, with limited opportunities to overcome physical challenges or participate in community life. A wheelchair can open doors to education, jobs and socialization that are crucial to well-being.


Too many children around Pakistan don’t have access to quality health care. Routine health exams for children help monitor growth and development and provide vaccinations to prevent disease. They also allow health care providers to diagnose and treat diseases so that girls and boys have a better chance to lead healthy, happy lives.


Malaria is a preventable disease, yet at least half a million people—most of them children—die each year for want of inexpensive long-lasting insecticide-treated nets. Mosquito nets protect entire families so they can sleep safely and soundly.


Prenatal and infant care is critical to ensuring the health of mothers and the very survival of their babies. In many remote, impoverished regions, Pukar Foundation provides the only access to quality prenatal care, safe deliveries and follow-up care for mothers and young children. Programs provide both parents with health education on infant and maternal care, and nutrition.


Each year, more than 1 million children do not have access to basic vaccines that prevent childhood diseases, and about 1.5 million of them die unnecessarily. Pukar Foundation works with partners, including local health ministries, to offer vaccines and link remote communities to vital health care.


Pukar Foundation helps poor people gain the means, rights and skills to live in dignity and care for themselves and their families. Hundreds of PF projects offer impoverished women, men and children the tools they need to break the relentless cycle of poverty.


Pukar Foundation supports savings-based microfinance groups that provide extremely poor people—mostly women—with a way to save their own money and provide opportunities to invest borrow and help their neighbors meet emergency needs. Groups are self-sustaining, and each member receives training in financial management.


Pukar foundation provides adult education, vocational training and literacy programs that open doors for many women and men. These programs provide the knowledge and tools—like sewing machines, Plumber Kit and Electrician Tool Kit to earn a living and build a future.


EMERGENCY HOUSEHOLD KIT $200 When disaster strikes, Pukar Foundation rushes in with the necessities people need to take care of their own families. In addition to food, water and medicine, we provide household essentials like cooking pots, containers, blankets, soap and hygiene items. Many items are useful long after the crisis is over. REBUILDING TOOL KIT $150 When homes are badly damaged, Pukar Foundation helps survivors make them temporarily livable until more permanent repairs or shelter can be provided. From the immediate aftermath of an emergency, PF works with communities with the goal of moving from relief to sustainable recovery. TRANSITIONAL SHELTER $ 500 After immediate needs are met, Pukar Foundation often builds transitional shelters; semi-permanent housing that gives survivors safety, security and some of the comforts of home while they wait for permanent housing. Transitional shelters often include materials that can be reused in permanent homes.


Pukar Foundation distributes tons of lifesaving food to people who are desperately hungry as a result of poverty, conflict, and famine—sometimes all three. But PF doesn't just help feed the Pakistan during emergencies. Our farming projects help hundreds of thousands of people feed their families, work toward self-sufficiency and steward the earth's resources for future generations. 2 BAGS OF FERTILIZER $200 Fertilizer makes all the difference for a consistent and bountiful harvest. When farmers use nutrient-rich fertilizer, they produce higher yields, and have enough to feed their families and sell at market—which, in turn, feeds their communities and provides extra income to pay for their children’s health care, tuition and other necessities. QUALITY SEED FOR A SEASON $450 Good seed is the first step in the fight to end hunger. It represents the promise of vital nutrition, good health and lasting food security. Small-scale family farms face increasing challenges of cyclical flooding, drought and disease. Quality seeds become quality crops that resist drought, pests and disease for reliable harvests. 1 LAMB OR KID (BABY GOAT) $200 A lamb or a kid can be a lifesaving gift to a poor child. Not as a pet, but as a daily source of nutritious milk. Livestock helps farm families provide well-rounded diets for their children and increase their incomes by selling milk and cheese. Pukar Foundation provides free veterinary care, including vaccinations, for the animals. HOUSEHOLD GARDEN $300 A household garden provides important nutritional variety to poor families. Pukar Foundation teaches families how to build keyhole gardens, raised-bed gardens that are specially designed to maintain nutrient-rich soil and stay productive during winter months. They are also easy to tend, even for people with limited mobility. 1 COW $800 One cow can make a big nutritional difference for a poor household. Fresh milk means children receive a well-balanced diet, and parents can earn extra income for household needs and school tuition. Livestock is also a valuable asset that provides a family with added stability should crops fails or disaster strike. TRAINING FOR 30 FARMERS $600 We know how to stop hunger. Pukar Foundation is teaching farmers sustainable agricultural techniques and, just as important, we are giving them the support and access they need to effectively bring their harvests to market. Only in this way can family farmers earn income, and move beyond subsistence agriculture to ensure the health and future of their families and communities


For long term perspectives, Pukar Foundation builds permanent shelters for the affecties for their permanent residential problems. These permanent shelters are low cost and are exactly according to the SPHERE standards and according to local norms and culture fulfilling the need of family. It is made sure that the selected land for construction is away from the dangerous zone