August 6, 2016

Welcome to Pukar Foundation

About Us

Pukar is an Umbrella Organization of the IPOs and IPs. This is registered at the Sindh Karachi District  Administrator office of Government of Pakistan under the social Act 2034 and,affilliated with the social welfare counsil. 

The federation with it central office at Karachi has currently, 50 IPOs and IPs-NGOs of the indigenous people affilliated with it. It has also established district network in 13 districts and working on IPs development activities.

Why choose us

Through carefull stewardship of resources, we make sure the funds you have so generously entrusted to us go where they are most needed. We want you to feel confident that your decision to give to Pukar is a sound one, and that your donations will be used effectively and efficiently to make a lifesaving difference. Pukar is most thankful for your help; we should be unable to carry out our lifesaving work without it.

Pukar's Rationale

Pakistani society for long has been passing through a state of social unrest and chaotic situations primarily resulted from geo-strategic power games, natural and man-made complex emergencies, natural disasters, poverty and illiteracy at National levels.

Poverty, Disasters and crises has great consequences on the outlook and behavior of any society. The devastation and prolonged implications of these misfortunes bring change in our realities as well as the objects,